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Padgett Machine Inc. has a wide range of manufacturing capabilities. From a simple machined part to complex assembled items, Padgett has you covered. For a complete list of our capabilities, click here.

Here are a few examples of work Padgett Machine Inc. has done. For more information regarding your machining or manufacturing needs, contact us.

Power Box Electrical Assembly

Aircraft Engine Cowl Hinges

Boom Leading Edge Antenna

Landing Gear Cams
Aluminum Bronze

Landing Gear Toggle

Chassis & Screw Jacks MERV'S
32" Extension

Leading Edge ASSY

Wing Ribs

Wing Pins

Power Drawers for Submarine

Wing Support

Ruddivator Wings

Electronics SEM Frame

Spoiler Hinges


Program Engine Attachment

Box Fitting

Wing Attachment

Wing Flap Rib
Padgett Machine Tulsa